After finishing scientific high school and graduating in radiological imagining science, I started to work in hospital. Art has ever been part of my life: since I was a child, music entered in me day by day more, and I became a DJ and a musician. Parallel to all that, I am still a Diving Instructor, and I have been diving since I was 7 y.o. All those passions brought me to work in the industry of reselling and exhibitions across the Europe. Always I was fascinated by Photography, but I never tried it, until when I decided to buy a camera to take photos to my son: I immediately discovered a new world! I cannot now remember how many nights I spent reading books, surfing the web trying to learn more and more, to push my hunger of Photography and Processing. I was supported by many people, who gave me power to find my style and way to photograph. I felt immediately, that Photography is my passion and it will be part of my life, forever. After starting to shoot abandoned places, architectural points of interest and street view, I found in Women how to communicate my emotions, finding a way through women themselves to get my idea of Erotism and feelings. I admire all the different beauty in Women. I am influenced by the great masters of the past, and I follow many new currents, without to forget that I love to create narrative sense when I shoot. I am deeply inspired by paintings, films and modern elements of style, and, of corse, by Romanticism. After my first steps in my hometown, it grew up the desire to travel, to create and to look in the future, like is typical for me. I work for adv campaigns, projects and books. I really love to travel, so why don’t come to You for a nice experience? Just write me a message here, and stay tuned!

P.S. I left Facebook and Instagram.